Facility Rules

As an elite indoor soccer facility we need we have high safety and training standards. As such, we have our facility rules, and player & parent codes of conduct. These Rules & Regulations and Codes of Conduct are applicable to all users of the Goal Centre. By making a booking to use the facility you are confirming acceptance and adherence to all the rules listed below. Failure to abide by our Facility Rules and Regulations, and Codes of Conduct will result expulsion from our facility.

General Rules

  • NO cleats allowed on the field. Only turf shoes, or indoors allowed. No other footwear will be permitted to enter the field. All footwear must be "mud free".
  • Shin Guards are strongly recommended for all players and must be completely covered by socks.
  • No jewellery, watches or hats to be worn on the field.
  • No food or drink allowed on the field at any time.
  • Glassware must be left outside the perimeter of the field.  
  • No spitting on the field.

Duration of Field Rental

Each pitch let will commence at the booked starting time and will last for a maximum of 55 minutes. No extension of this time slot will be given for team late arrival or injuries to any players. Pitch must be vacated immediately on completion of the 55 minute slot.


Children must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times.

No alcoholic beverages allowed on the premises. Anyone suspected of consuming alcohol or illegal substance during or prior to using the facility will be removed from the pitch and/or bench area and, depending on conduct, the premises. Suspension from the facility will be dictated by the facility manager.

Spitting anywhere within the facility is prohibited and may lead to the individual being banned from further use of the facility.

Any player bleeding from a wound must leave the field of play. He can only return once the bleeding has stopped and any open wound has been covered by a suitable covering.

No chewing gum allowed on or near the pitch.

League, Tournament and Event Rules

  • Balls are out of bounds if over head height, or hit the side nets
  • No heading the ball
  • No offensive or defensive player may enter the keeper's box
  • Keeper may not cross half field
  • All kicks are indirect
  • You can not score from the defensive half
  • No corner kicks
  • Goalie may not throw the ball over half field, it must touch the ground first
  • No slide tackles
  • Red cards subject to one game suspension
  • Substitutes only when dead ball